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White Denim After Labor Day

Posted by Shopify API on

White denim after Labor Day!?!? YES!!! You can definitely still wear white denim after Labor Day, and even well into the winter months! That old, outdated rule has seen its day, and white denim is here for the cooler temp WIN. For crisp fall weather, we love to see white denim paired with cozy neutrals and chic earthtones. Moving into winter months, add jewel tones to the mix for a brighter, festive vibe.

Neutrals: The best part about white denim is that it is already neutral, so pairing it with other neutrals is almost too easy! You really can’t mess this one up! Play with grays, taupes, browns, blacks and even other whites. Don’t be afraid to try things out and see what happens! Remember to balance your look with the right shoe because it could make all the difference. Let’s take a look at how to work some neutral options!

Color: Color is also UH-MAY-ZIIING with white denim in the fall! Really try to focus on fall colors for this one. The key here is to stick with the warmer and darker Autumn tones with, again, the right shoe for balance. There are so many fun fall colors to play with too. Think olive, mustard, burgundy/wine, navy and rust this year. As we get closer to winter weather, try to add a pop of emerald green, sapphire blue, royal purple, or ruby red. Your white denim will never look more season appropriate – we promise!

Ready to what works for you? Our biggest advice: don’t be shy here! Grab a glass of wine, press play, mess around and see what you can come up with! There are so many fun ways to pair white denim with beautiful Autumn colors.