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A Good Balance

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A good balance, that’s what we’re all searching for, right? Work life vs. personal life, family time vs. social time, healthy eating vs. wine and ice cream … the need for balance shows up everywhere in our lives. And despite the fact that we spend all of our life trying to find balance, it never gets any easier to achieve. It’s a constant struggle and my struggle multiplied exponentially when I had my daughter. For me, Mommyhood forced me to make finding my balance my priority.

I picked up my 3 year old daughter, Mary Louise, from preschool a few months ago. We always chat about her day and what she did (one of the huge joys I have from the work/life balance I have been able to create). She said, “Today we learned to take a deep breath when we are frustrated.” I love her school. They’re always doing deep breaths, yoga, garden time … I wish I went there. In fact, on this particular day, I was wishing I was anywhere but where I was. I’d been scrambling from one thing to another, answering non-stop phone calls from the stores, doing laundry, doing dishes, buying groceries, and trying to sign Mary up for summer camp before the approaching (maybe past?) deadline. Despite my efforts at balance, I was struggling, and wondering why no one ever taught me to take a “deep breath” when I was in preschool.

When we opened leopard, I was motivated by my passion for retail and a desire to provide an affordable boutique experience to women I knew. But I was also selfishly motivated. I wanted to be my own boss, take ownership of my time, and find my happy balance. I don’t want to choose between being a Mom and chasing my dreams, I want them both and I’m pretty certain I can have both. I’m not saying everyone needs to quit their jobs and invest all their savings into a business venture to find balance, but I do think anyone can take on the mindset that you are in control of your life and your time. Anyone can make choices that will help you achieve a greater balance, from choices as small as canceling on a friend when you need some time at home to as big as not taking a promotion because of the way it would change your lifestyle. And even though I now enjoy the ability to make my own schedule, I still struggle daily with whether or not I’m the best business owner, friend, Christian, mom, wife, woman, or sister I can be. Maybe I am and maybe I’m not, all I know is that when I pay attention to balance I enjoy being a business owner, friend, Christian, mom, wife, woman and sister more.